The Kitchen Recordings

By Sean O’Driscoll And Larry Egan

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O’Driscoll (banjo, bouzouki) and Egan (accordion) have made a delightful album. Absolutely sparkling music, with a laid-back approach to the making thereof! Released on Cl

A fantastic CD

We were priviledged to have Larry, the box player on this CD, playing amonst us for approximately a year and a half while he was staying in Christchurch, NZ. A mighty box player - he inspired me to take up the B/C box.

There is a wonderful feel about the album - nothing better than playing with friends in the kitchen!

This is one of my favorite recordings. Sean O’Driscoll has a lovely laid back style of playing, very individual too. I’ve had the pleasure of playing with Larry Egan in the Cobblestones at one point and he does be there some Thursday evenings.

An interesting thing to note about this album is that Larry plays a c#/d box with B/C fingering on most tracks. This means that every tune plays up one tone and Sean O’Driscoll capoes the second fret on his banjo to compensate.

Marvellous selection of tunes too!

Re: The Kitchen Recordings

This is an amazing and delightful recording! Just discovering it now!