My Love Is In America

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Recorded live at the Boston College Irish Fiddle Festival March 25, 1990. Cast of Fine Performers, including; Kevin Burke, Liz Carroll, Seamus Connolly, Brian Conway, Johnny Cronin, Paddy Cronin, Tony De Marco, Martin Hayes, Eileen Ivers, James Kelly, Andy McGann, Johhny McGreevy, Brendon Mulvihill, Paddy Reynolds. Dale Russ, Martin Wynne, Mel Mercier and others.

My Love is in America

Hello Everybody. There is this CD on Green Linnet Called "My Love is in America." It is part of a fiddle concert recorded at Boston College in 1990. I did a google search for it and I found out that the Green Linnet CD is only a small section of what was actually recorded. I found the complete thing on this page: I have never seen a recording I would like to order more, but I can’t find out how to, where to, or if I even can order it. Can anyone help me? Please!?! This just looks so awesome, and it would be so much fun to have. Please let me know if you know how I could get my hands on a copy. Thanks so much!



Hamill, not Hammill

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Yes, House of Hamill composed by Ed Reavy, named after his wife’s family.