First Hand

By Mairi Rankin

  1. Fr. Eugene’s Welcome To Cape North
    Dave MacIsaac’s
    My Gentle Winning Eyed Mary
    Musical Chisholm Household
    Johnny Tomkin’s
    Shovel Tongue
    Ruidhlidh Na Colich Dhbha
  2. The Praties Are Dug And The Frost Is All Over
    Shins Around The Fireside
    The First Pint
  3. Falls Of Lora
    Lucy Ann Hope
    Miss Jane Campbell
    John Campbell’s
    She Put Her Knee On The Old Man
    Joe Roach
    George White’s Favourite
  4. Dan Rory MacDougall
    Doug MacPhee’s Favourite
    The Reel Of Tulloch
    Miss Charlotte Allston Stewart
    Dan J. Campbell’s
    The Drummer
    Willie MacKenzie’s
  5. The Noon Lassies
    The Mountain Lark
    Touching Cloth
  6. The Black Thorn
    Miss Gordon’s
    Master MacDermott
    The Dancing Of The Fingers
    Donald MacGaugan’s Rant
    Mo Chuachag Laghach Thu
  7. Fishing With Vic
    Lady Carmichael
    Gan Ainm
    A John Campbell
    Lady Mary Montague
    Last Night’s Fun
  8. Killimore
    Shane MacDougalls
    Malcolm’s New Fiddle
  9. Miss Grace Menzies
    Mrs. Charles Stewart
    Easter Elchies
    Lad O’Bierne’s
  10. The Fairy
    Margaret Brown’s Favourite
    The Deep Dale
    Going To Donnybrook
  11. Lament For John Morris
  12. Miss Muir MacKenzie
    The Haughs Of Cromdale
    The Nine Pint Coggie
    Larry Down’s

Three comments

Mairi Rankin

Great Cape Breton artistry. Phenomenal and fun.

Mairi Now

If you like this album, you should hear Mairi now. I am not a fiddler by any means but I recognize talent. She plays with a band named Beolach and she is a fantastic member of the group.

She has a very Irish style, despite growing up in Cape Breton. Not that being from Cape Breton limits a fiddler to a Highland Scottish sound…

Re: First Hand

Has anyone heard Mairi Rankin’s new album “The Cabin Sessions?” (With cellist Eric Wright?) I just listened to it this evening, and I’ve found a new album to wear out!
My favorite so far from the album is “Jig to Reel.” It’s the coolest little jig, and the reel is really lively as well. She is an amazing Cape Breton fiddler!
(Found out also the album was nominated Instrumental Group of the year by the Canadian Folk Music awards!!!)