Hell For Leather

By Swallow’s Tail Céilí Band

Three comments

P.J Hernon and the Swallow’s Tail C

I love this recording

P.J. Hernon is a fine box player. The other members of the band are: Michael Hurley Flute, John McHugh Fiddle, Jim Corry Piano
Michael Sheridan Drums.

The fiddle and the flute double tightly with the box and Jim Corry and Michael Sheridan are exuberant yet strong in the their driving support for the melodies.

Great Recording

I agree, this is a fantastic ceili band. They are really tight and have lots of drive. Here is some help with the track titles.

Tk. 5: The Mug of Brown Ale is not the tune which is linked here. It is a tune also known as Old Man Dillon.
Tk. 6: All four tunes were composed by Tipperary accordion player, Paddy O’Brien.
Tk. 9: Sean Ryan’s is his tune The Nightingale.
Tk. 10: The Brosna Selection comprises of The Brosna Slide and a tune known as The Weavers.
Tk. 11: Dwyer’s reel is John Dwyer’s.
Tk. 12: Two hornpipes, The Stack of Barley and Bantry Bay
Tk. 13: Finbar Dwyer’s is a hornpipe called The Iron Gate which he probably composed.
Tk. 14: These two reels are followed by The Stony Steps which is not listed on the back of the box.
Tk. 16: Paddy McMahon’s is the jig, The Kilmovee, and Paddy Cronin’s is The Maid at the Well.
Tk. 18: Sean McGuire’s is the Reel Jack Roe and Tilly Finn’s is the Killavil Reel.

The Brosna Selection also includes O’keefe’s slide