The Rights Of Man - The Concert For Joseph Doherty

By Various Artists

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  1. Sligo Jack
  2. The Winning Side
  3. The Atlantic Wave
    The Humours Of Ballyconnell
    The Gravel Walks
  4. The Rights Of Man
  5. Women Of Ireland
  6. Andy Jarlis’
    Baghwan We Hardly Knew You
  7. The Hunger Striker’s Mother
  8. O’Hara, Hughes, McCreesh, And Sands
  9. The Three Sisters
  10. Take The Bull By The Horns
  11. Blackbirds And Thrushes
  12. The Congress
    The Bird In The Bush
  13. An Droighnean Donn
  14. Andy McGann’s
    The Humours Of Scariff
  15. Gan Ainm
    Scatter The Mud
    The Nova Scotia
  16. From A Distance
  17. O’Carolan’s Receipt
    Tom Steele
    The Congress
    Dick Gossip’s Fancy
    Vincent Broderick’s

Four comments

Re: Concert for John Doherty

Recorded live Feb. 1990 in New York. Benefit concert for Joseph Patrick Doherty. Lots of musicians. Some are listed here; Brian Conway, Tony DeMarco, Tom Doherty, Maureen Doherty, Felix Dolan, Seamus Egan, Green Fields of America, Eileen Ivers, James Keen, Donal Lunny, Joe Madden, Joanie Madden, Bill McComiskey, Mick Maloney, Robbie O‘Connell, Jerry O’Sullivan,Mike Rafferty, Paddy Reynolds, John Whelan, Etc.

Concert for Joseph Doherty

JOSEPH PATRICK DOHERTY !! Sigh. NOT John Doherty. Is there anyway to correct errors in the comments once posted?

Re: Concert for Joseph Doherty

Reading the legal/political situation that Joseph Doherty has had to go through with the United States Government is enough to make anyone angry.

I agree, especially with what Bush is getting away in Iraq. Good Cd, great line up. Donal Lunny always seems to be involved in these concerts to support Irish republicans etc…also Karen Casey seems to sing at a lot of rallies etc.