Kieran O’Hare

By Kieran O’Hare

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A private release, Kieran O’Hare’s eponymous CD is nothing short of stunning. The Chicago-based Uilleann piper is joined by an all-star cast, including fiddlers Liz Knowles and Jesse Smith and guitarist John Doyle. Kieran’s piping is second to none: He plays with unfailing spirit and energy. There are a few original tunes here, as well as a few tunes I didn’t recognize within a few of the titled sets. I’m not sure how easy it is to find this disc these days, but it’s well worth the effort in locating.

Just a heads up about the packaging of the CD that may be deceiving when flipping through a ton of CDs at a store or CD stand at a festival. The CD is not in a typical jewel case; it is in a sleeve, and is therefore not much thicker than the CD. Don’t overlook it though and mistake it as some generic sampler CD. It’s the real thing. I almost overlooked it at the Philly Irish Fest this past year, so I thought I would just pass along that random tidbit of info.

Second tune

does anyone know what the second tune on track 6 is?

Its available on itunes as well, nowadays i think its more convenient to buy ‘mp3 cd’s’ the only real loss is if it doesn’t have a cd booklet pdf.

It’s a fantastic CD. Just got it the other day, maybe the freshest playing I’ve heard in a while. It has an authenticity about it, sets like the slippery jigs have a very trad feel, and yet there are also a lot of potent sets played at modern speeds and yet there isn’t that sense of jarring discontinuity, all the sets have something different to offer whilst feeling parts of a whole. His piping technique is amazing, his whistle playing is really good as well and his choice of tunes is excellent - i especially like the Junior Crehan tune on low whistle. And he has his own distinctive style. The recording quality is excellent, often trad cd’s are ruined by less-than-ideal mastering that either compresses the life out of it or end up feeling over-quiet, so yeah, don’t discard getting this cd because the cd comes in a thin packet: its far from a sampler, this is the real thing. love it.