Gone To Australia (On Tour 1975-1984)

By Steeleye Span

  1. Black Jack Davey
  2. Sails Of Silver
  3. Let Her Go Down
  4. Alison Gross
  5. Barnet Fair
  6. Gone To America
  7. Longbone
  8. Bach Goes To Limerick
  9. All Around My Hat
  10. Gaudete
  11. The Sligo Maid
  12. Cam Ye O’er Frae France
  13. Bachelor’s Hall
  14. Blackleg Miner
  15. Spotted Cow
    The Sailor’s Bonnet
  16. Thomas The Rhymer
  17. The Mason’s Apron
  18. Sum Waves
    The Devil’s Dream

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Live Album

A live album featuring most of the tracks from the out of print LP “On Tour” plus some bonus tracks. Featuring Steeleye’s most popular lineup (Prior, Hart, Knight, Johnson, Kemp, Pegrum).