Both Ears And The Tail

By Martin Carthy And Dave Swarbrick

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  1. The Leitrim Fancy
    Drowsy Maggie
    Staten Island
    The Corbie And The Craw
    High Germany
  2. The Fair Maid On The Shore
  3. The Porcupine Rag
  4. The Bonny Black Hare
  5. Sovay (The Female Highwayman)
  6. The Barmaid
    Peter Street
    The Mason’s Apron
  7. The Broomfield Hill
  8. The Wind That Shakes The Barley
  9. The Hen’s March
    The Four Poster Bed
  10. Man Of Newlyn Town
  11. Dill Pickles Rag
  12. The Two Magicians
  13. The Kid On The Mountain
    The Donegal
    The Swallow’s Tail
    The Marquis Of Tullybardine

One comment

Live Album

An excellent live recording. The music is excellent and some of the side comments will have you laughing.