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Lineup question

I just heard the De Danann album named “De Danann”.
Anybody know the lineup on this one? Who plays the concertina?


Re: Lineup question

I don’t recall hearing a concertina on that album, but I have heard Dolores Keane play one. If you’re right, it’s probably her.

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Tripping up the stairs

The linked tune for this is wrong - it should be a jig called Tripping Upstairs (pedantic, I know) and it goes (everyone knows it…..

|:FAA GBB|FAd fed|cBc ABc|dfe dAG|
FAA GBB|FAd fed|c2c ABc|dfe d2A:|
dBB fBB|dBB fed|cAA eAA|efe edc|
dBB fBB|fgf fed|cBc ABc|dfe d3:|

Possibly melodeon

I’ve listened to this again, after it received a ludicrous review recently in “Dirty Linen” magazine, and yes there is a free-reed instrument being played on the last track. It sounds to me like a melodeon, which Charlie Piggott does play.
Line up was :
Frankie Gavin - fiddle, whistle
Charlie Piggott - banjo, and other stringed instruments, plus possibly melodeon
Alec Finn - bouzouki, guitar
Ringo McDonagh - bodhran, bones
Dolores Keane - vocals, whistle, possibly concertina
Can’t be more precise - I have the cassette version, but no sleeve notes to go with it.

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