An Gaoth Aduaidh - The North Wind

By Various Artists

  1. Jenny Lind
    John McKenna’s
  2. Is Trua Nach Bhfuil Me I Sasain
    The Tory Highland
    Miss Ramsey’s
  3. The Piper’s Broken Finger
    The Old Road To Garry
  4. Seamus Ennis’
    The Ace And Deuce Of Pipering
    Gilbert’s Fancy
  5. Bessie The Beauty Of Rossinure Hill
    The Priest And His Boots
    The High Geese In The Bog
  6. Tonra’s
    The Killavil
  7. A Stor Mo Chroi
    The Primrose Lass
    McGovern’s Favourite
  8. Bonaparte Crossing The Alps
    Down The Broom
  9. My Love Is But A Lassie
    The Dark Girl Dressed In Blue
  10. Cailin Na Gruaige Doinne
    Both Meat And Drink
  11. Speed The Plough
    Billy Brocken’s
  12. I Buried My Wife And Danced On Top Of Her
    The Tailor’s Small’s
  13. Alastruim’s March
    Cailleach An Airgid
    Trim The Velvet

One comment

Tribute to Frankie Kennedy

1. polkas - Harry Bradley
2. air, highland - Briain O’Domhnaill
3. reels - Gary Hastings
4. jig, set dance, reel - Conor Byrne
5. air, jigs - Gerry O’Donnell
6. jigs - Marcus O Murchu
7. air, reels - Matt Molloy
8. march, reel - Desi Wilkinson
9. polkas - Hammy Hamilton
10. air, jig - Clodach Nic Ruairi
11. reels - Paul O’Shaughnessy
12. jigs - Tara Diamond nee Bingham
13. march, jig, reel - Paul McGrattan

Fantastic CD created on the 10th anniversary of the Frankie Kennedy Winter School. Great liner notes, each player talks about Frankie & his influence on their playing, all proceeds go to support the school. All fluters should own a copy!