Senex Puer

By Lá Lugh

  1. Brighid’s Kiss
  2. Omeath Music
  3. Senex Puer
  4. Éirigh Suas A Stóirín
  5. Dónal Dubh
  6. The Mummers’ March Highland And Reels
  7. Lough Erne Shore
  8. A Bruxa
  9. Tá Sé ‘na Lá
  10. Bealtaine Song
  11. The Donnellan Set
  12. The Rose In The Garden
  13. Mál Bhán Ni Chuilleannáin
  14. The Emigrant’s Farewell

Four comments

Hmm… I don’t claim to be a Latin scholar, but doesn’t Senex Puer mean Old Man, Boy or something?


Yes, actually it does mean old man boy. Kinda ironic, eh?

track #2 has a nice didgeridoo backing - wasn’t expecting it

NB: The Rose in the Garden on this album isn’t the tune the link leads to (at this date)