Crank It

By Dan Stacey

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  1. French Reels
  2. Peacock’s Feathers
  3. Worst Foot Forward?
  4. Jolly Kate’s Money
  5. Rosebud Of Avondale
  6. The Lady Chooses Denis
  7. Kid On The Moon To Buy Judith
  8. The Road Is Gettin To Me
  9. Polka With Pat The Budgie Martin
  10. Thirteen Arches
    The Highest Hill In Sligo
    Patrick’s Night
  11. College Cup Of Tea
  12. Simply Jigs
  13. I Will Always Remember You
  14. Cavan’s Black Haired Sean Drinking Jack Daniels

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New Recording Dan Stacey - Crank It

This is the first solo album from Dan Stacey, the fiddle player in the very popular Celtic rock band, Seven Nations.

He plays allot of variations on trad tunes as well as many of his own. A very enjoyable recording with some great jigs and scorching reels. I picked up a copy when I saw Seven Nations play here in Denver in Nov 2003.

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