The Pirates Of Puirt

By Daimh

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The Pirates of Puirt

This is the second CD (Goat Island Music. 2003. GIMCD002) from the transatlantic celtic collaboration Daimh. It has a mixture of traditional and new compositions. Recommended.

The “Horgi”

The Horgi (track 6, second tune) is actually The Korgi, a reel by Halfiax piper John Walsh. It’s published in Bill Livingstone’s first book and copyrighted otherwise I’d post it.

The Pirates of Puirt

Check out the Antrim Rose for a top rendition, I’m sure old Paddy would approve.

The whole album is fantastic, it’s got me dancing!

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Re: The Pirates Of Puirt

can anyone help locate the 4th tune of Track 4 ? The link to “Maccallum’s” goes to a jig (tune 5405 - aka The Chapel Bell). Cheers (excellent band)

Re: The Pirates Of Puirt

Thanks Ben, (I suppose someone should undo the link to MacCallum’s jig) Interesting this great reel isn’t on (?), nor can I find it on Youtube.