At Reavy’s House

By Jim Eagan

Two comments

Jim is a 24 year old Baltimore native who although classically trained from a young age, has a strong background in Irish dance, and with Brendan Mulvihill as his teacher, made a completely successful switch to Irish fiddling. Most notably, he toured with the John Whelan Band, and plays in O’Malley’s March, the Irish rock band of Baltimore’s mayor. This CD came about during visits to the Reavy’s house in Philadelphia during 2002, after which Jim had the go-ahead from the Reavy family to make a CD of Ed Reavy’s tunes (with the exception of Irish Washerwoman-- it is Ed’s setting with Jim’s own personal touches). For more information, I would suggest buying the CD, and reading the rather lengthy liner notes from well-known and well-loved bodhranist, Myron Bretholtz.

The CD also includes Andy Thurston on guitar, Mark Evans on bouzouki, Eliot Grasso on pipes, Peter Fitzgerald on tenor banjo, and Myron Bretholtz on bodhran. All around, a tremendous cast of musicians, all (not sure about Mark-- don’t really know him that well) of whom I am proud to say call Baltimore their home.

All around, a tremendous CD!

I second that!

I just got a hold of this album as a download and started listening to it. Bold and lively interpretations of Reavy tunes. Here’s how you can get a hold of it:
If you’re in the UK it’s a bloody bargain with exchange rate at £6.21 just now!