Banish Misfortune

By Malcolm Dalglish And Grey Larsen

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Re: Banish Misfortune

Early Grey Larsen. On an old June Appal Album (1970’s?) Couldn’t find a date.

Great old album. Still have a copy of the vinyl. Artful arrangements of standard Irish tunes in various instrumental combinations. More of an eclectic folk concept album than an ITM album. Very nice and earthy. Somewhat in the vein of other 70s folk stuff (Renbourne, etc.)

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Has aged well

A couple of years ago I told Grey this album still got some airplay on my radio show. He said, “Gee, that record was a long time ago.” (The album was released in 1976) That may be, but it has held up very well over a quarter century.

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Worth every penny all those years ago

I purchased the vinyl of this back in the early ’80s and wish it had a current CD or MP3 release to bring it up to date. Great playing and a good set of tunes that feels lively but not rushed.

Ask and ye shall receive!

You can download 128kbps M4A files (for a rather hefty $12.99) from the June Appal site.