Music At The House

By Brendan Bulger, Marty Fahey And Kathleen Gavin

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  1. Jimmy Neary’s
    Tommy Maguire’s
  2. The Lone Bush
    Eugene Stratton’s
  3. Mickey Callaghan’s
    The Man In The House
  4. Buttermilk Mary
    Failing Memories
  5. In Memory Of Coleman
  6. The Blackthorn
    The Drunken Tinker
  7. Kit O’Mahony’s
    Paddy Walshe’s
  8. The Girl Who Broke My Heart
    Maude Miller
  9. St. Gilbert’s
    The Stage
  10. Da Slockit Light
  11. The Chandelier
    Christmas In America
  12. My Mind Will Never Be Aisy
    Paddy O’Snap
    Lough Key
  13. Dooish
    The Musical Manicure
  14. McGreevy’s
    The Humours Of Castlefinn
  15. The Galway
    Willie’s Fiddle
  16. The Yellow Tinker