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By Liz Carroll

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Liz Carroll - Liz Carroll

Can’t believe no-one has commented on this superb recording since it was posted almost 7 years ago. I also can’t understand how it’s taken me so long to get this CD - absolutely brilliant.

tune 10a should of course read “Lacy’s jig” (sometimes called “Lacey’s”)

Looking for “Clarke’s Favorite”

When I click on “Clarke’s Favorite” I get the list of the newest tunes - it seems the link has broken.

Pity, I heard this cut in passing and it sounded like something else and I was hoping that this wonderful site would enlighten me.


Seem to remember it was a traditional tune, but with a more common name. I’ll try to find the recording later, and see if I can remember it.

Clarke’s Favourite

More commonly known as “Master Crowley’s”.