Fine Thank You Very Much

By Ashley MacIsaac

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This album was released after “Hi, How Are You Today?” Just accompanied by a piano and guitar, but Ashely’s fiddle playing is funky as usual. Full of interesting tunes.

Great Album

The simple accompaniment makes it easy to hear what he’s actually playing. This is invaluable when trying to mimic technique. This guy knows lots of music (and good music). He easy strings together 8 different songs in a set. Once I’m getting the feel of the song, he moves on to another!


The last nameless track on set 8 is actually Colonel Thorton’s reel.

Does anyone know the name of the first jig on nr. 11 of this recording?



The thumping foot in the back of the tracks is a bit annoying once pointed out. Sorry if that ruins it for some.
Best fiddle recordings I have heard - not a hint of diddle de dee or rum te tum te tum te tum.

Re: Fine Thank You Very Much

Anyone got an ID for the first tune on track 11 (track is listed here as Gan Ainm/Corey’s, and on the album as Traditional Jig/Traditional Reel)?