Come To Dance

By John Whelan

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“Come to Dance”

I have this CD, and really like it. The energy and musicianship are wonderful, and I like the combinations of tunes.

Come to Dance

The interesting thing about this album is that it is very good Trad Irish music performed by a bunch of young musicians from the U.S. Whelan is the seven-time button accordion champion in Ireland, and his playing is terrific. It’s not Lawrence Welk and the Champgne Bubbles. Robin Bullock also shows up for some tasty mandolin work. This album is very enjoyable despite the rhythm guitar being a skoach “pop” sounding. They also have a bass in the mix--some cuts sounded like it might have been an electric bass?!? I ended up buying three different CDs recorded by John Whelan in the space of one week.

Cillian Vallely

I don’t think its an electric bass. My favorite track is Dowd’s Favourite/O’Gorman’s Salute/My Cup Of Coffee with Cillian Vallely on uilleann pipes.


Great CD

John gets overlooked too often, despite being a seven time All Ireland button accordian winner. “Come To Dance” is on the Narada label and can currently be purchased as a minimal price. Eileen Ivers contributes excellent fiddle. If you want one CD with a lot of faster paced dance tunes, this is it. I know several Irish Dance schools that use Whelan a lot for dance sessions. I’m not sure if Celtic Tradition is exactly the same set of tunes or studio recordings. Celtic Fire is an album he did with students with bodhran and lively percussion added.

The musicians are ~

John Whelan ~ button accordion

Robin Bullock ~ guitar, cittern & mandolin

Tom Wetmore ~ bass

Jim Eagan ~ fiddle

John McGann ~ guitar & mandolin

Cillian Vallely ~ low whistle & uilleann pipes

The Compositions are ~ mostly too 2 & 2 Wind-Ham Hill for me 😛

“John Whelan & friends: Come To Dance”
Label: Narada / Released: February 23, 1999

C: John Whelan

2. ) reels: “Braodstone Inn” / “Big Snugs” / ~

5. ) jigs: “Frances O’Neill’s” / “Jesse and Franchesca’s Miracle” / “Stop the Car”

8. ) polkas: “Queen Esther’s” / “What Daddy?” / “April’s Polka”

9. ) air: “Simone”

12. ) reels: Bob’s Garden of Earthly Delights" / ~

14. ) reels: ~ / ~ / “My Cup of Coffee”

18. ) hornpipes: ~ / ~ / “Deacon Harry Doyle”

C: Robin Bullock

2. ) reels: ~ / ~ / “Beth Patterson’s”

3. ) air: “Turning of the Season”

6. ) hornpipes: “Tracks in the Snow” / ~

14. ) reels: ~ / “O’Gorman’s Salute” / ~

C: John McGann

6. ) hornpipes: ~ / “The Nightlight”

C: Paddy O’Brien

16. ) reels: “Newtown Bridge” / ~

The Compositions are ~ mostly 2 much & 2 Wind-Ham Hill for me 😛

Damn Internet and old computer, it did some weirdness with the title. The ‘intended’ is now set. There are a few nice tunes to be fair, like Paddy O’Brien’s, and the hornpipes aren’t awful, which I can’t say for the polkas ~ 😛