The Apple in Winter - Irish Music in New York

By Brian Conway & Tony DeMarco

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Great NYC fiddle Music

I have a great love for this album as I learned quite a bit from both of these fiddlers. I was lucky enough to have had a couple of one on ones with Tony & he suggested that I go & listen to Brian (as well as all the other hot sh*t fiddlers around the city at the time). Thursday nights in Manhattan were the best - I’d go listen to Brian at Kate Kearny’s than taxi down to Paddy Reilly’s to hear Tony. This album is interesting because it draws more influence from Lad O’Bierne, Martin Wynn & Paddy Reynolds then it does on Coleman although it does give credence to Coleman. Many of these tunes are far from the beaten track, others are more familier. Most of the tunes are good athletic fiddle excercises - the keys range from Bb to A. It’s classic stuff - a must have.

The Apple in Winter

I just got a copy of the Apple and really like it. Too bad it doesn’t come with a guitar filter though. Oh well, at least we get a lesson on how not to accompany great fiddlers such as Conway and De Marco.

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