Marie And Martin Reilly

By Marie And Martin Reilly

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Here’s an example of playing that is just so vital that it nearly sickens me (in the good sense, of course). Marie and Martin are New York-based siblings who positively dance around on their fiddle and box, respectively. She’s a lawyer, he’s a stockbroker; Can someone explain to me how these guys can find time to practice? This self-released CD is full of infectious energy and heartfelt connection to the music, without too many bells and whistles and production hocus-pocus. Quite simply, one of the most enjoyable collections of rocking tunes to come out of New York in the past ten years. Oh, and Marie and Martin, if you’re reading this: A friend gave me this, and I think I owe you fifteen bucks. I’m getting off *way* too easy…

I’ve got to get this album as I love their music, I pissed many nights away listening to them at Swifts in NY. Marie took lessons from Brian Conway who is a lawyer by day - maybe theres a connection ;o) It would be no shock to find out that Martin’s a stockbrocker, I always loved his box playing. He always seemed so shy & in awe of other box players - all the while sucking it all in like a sponge. I’d like to take some parenting courses with their parents - two great kids in so many ways.

Killy O’Neill’s Champion Jig

This CD has a beautiful version of this “sand jig”. The tune is not coming up as a match the track listing has only one l in O‘Neill. Also the tune is primarily listed as Kitty O’Shea’s. Worth checking out

marie was on holidays last week here in Ireland, her mother Nora was born close to Bally Duff in the co,Waterford. she stayed with her relations the O keeffe’s of Moona Mon, I loaned her one of my fiddles while she was holidaying here.