New Irish Harmonica

By Brendan Power

Two comments

This album was actually released about 10 years ago, but I only discovered it fairly recently. With the exception of the occasional harmonica-ist at sessions, I had never really heard much of it in Irish music, so I thought I would check this CD out. All in all, pretty cool. Power admittedly has a diverse background in music and likes to experiment, so many of the tunes on this CD have been played with to give a bit of a different feel to them. He is joined by Chris Newman (guitar, bass, mandolin), Peter Houlahan (bodhran, shaker), Maire Ni Chathasaigh (piano), and Des Hurley (fiddle). Really just a fun CD, unlike anything I’ve heard really.

Moyasta Junction

And I have only just this last year discovered it for myself. Great CD.

It is worth noting that the second tune on track 6, here called "Moyasta Junction" is not the one in the session data base that the link takes you to. Instead look for "The Lilting Banshee" or "The Moyasta".
"Moyasta Junction" in the "Session" data base is in fact a reel commonly known as "The Banshee". Brendon Power plays a Jig.

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