When The Party’s Over

By Brian Finnegan

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Is this the one that Brian doesn’t sell anymore because the CD label screwed him over? I was at a workshop of his, and he mentioned something about not having his CDs because of some label issues. Is this the one he was referring to?

Has anyone a recording of Purphy’s???

I’m after Brian Finnegan’s version of Purfy’s (Purphys, ) on his solo album. Has any of you guys got the CD? it’s out of print now I think, and I’m at my wits end?The CD’s called When the Party’s Over I think! Cheers

Re: Has anyone a recording of Purphy’s???

Read the comments. Malcolm Reavell - who I’ve mentioned here as a source on several occasions - wrote out the “dots” for all the tracks from that recording for me some years ago. Would you like me to post it in “Tunes” or are you looking for the actual recording ?

Re: Has anyone a recording of Purphy’s???

Looking for the recording, mate! I can already play the tune, but it’s a really nice arrangement from what I remember. Yeah so I guess i’m hoping some kind person happens to have an MP3 of it or something that I could get my hands on! Cheers

Kenny, I think many of us would appreciate a write-up of all the tracks. Thanks! : )

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Sight exaggeration

Don’t know why I said “all”, but I’m sure there are 5 of them not yet listed. I’ll see what I can do.



This is the “Egan’s” on Track 3, not the polka which the “link” takes you to.
The tune after it, called “The Extremity”, is more commonly known as “The Ivy Leaf”, here :


Track 6 : “Sergeant Murphy” is better-known as “Paddy’s Trip To Scotland”, here :


And “Ballisadeer”, should be “Ballisodare” , here :


I just got this album on Tuesday, after I’d been looking for it forever!

It’s quite an amazing album, though I must say that there’s some quirky tunes on here… “You May be Certain of It” is one I’m still not sure if I like or not…

But I think perhaps my favorite tracks right now are the first starting with Hammy Hamilton’s jig, and then track eight, which is the two strange, yet remarkably fun, hornpipes… and as one would expect, the slow tunes, “The Last Chance” and “The Parting” are absolutely gorgeous.