By Phil Hardy

  1. The Hunter’s House
    The Duke Of Leinster
  2. The Long Drive Home
    The Wedding Day
  3. The Whistlemaker
  4. The Dark Maiden
  5. The King Of The Pipers
  6. Trim The Velvet
    The Blackberry Jam
  7. Lady Lane
    Farewell To Whalley Range
    The Battering Ram
  8. Master Crowley’s Reels
    Colin’s Goat
  9. The Ninth Of May
    Wet The Whistle
  10. The Edinburgh
  11. The Road To Kerry
    Mervyn’s Peak
  12. McFadden’s

Three comments

Whistleworks give-away

Phil was recently giving this album away, the only cost was registering on his mailing list. I don’t know if he is still doing this.
The CD is quite good, although to me, he sounds a bit too much like Mike McGoldrick and there is only one Mike McGoldrick!

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In the liner notes, Phil says:

"This CD is a departure from my first CD "Low Whistle". I wanted to make a more acoustic/trad orientated album, not relying on programming. This is a good test in one’s ability as a musician and I have enjoyed this process very much."

Well, it is more acoustic/trad based than his other albums, but don’t expect pure-drop! There are heavy bass/drums in several places, and there are lots of intricate arrangments. Also, less than half of the tunes are traditional; Phil’s tunes have the majority, with some tunes by Mike McGoldrick and John McSheery as well. It’s still a good album, though, and I enjoy most of the tracks. My only complaint is the excess of multi-tracking (Phil plays almost all the instruments himself). It really gives it a fake sort of sound. It is interesting though, when he double the whistels tracks, because since it’s him playing both of them, it’s absolutely seamless.

I agree, he does sound quite a bit like McGoldrick! Particularly at the beginning of track 3, when he does that cool tounging thing.