The Compositions Of Paddy O’Brien

By Eileen O’Brien And Willie Fogarty

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  1. The Happy Man
    Cutting The Hay
  2. The Boys Of Lough Gowna
    The New House
  3. The Hills Of Tipperary
    Larry’s Favourite
  4. Dandy Bash
    The Curragh
  5. Garrykennedy Castle
    A Fool’s Advice
  6. The Fly In The Porter
    The Burning Brakes
  7. The Humours Of Bahrain
    The Sheik’s Fancy
    The Emir’s Delight
  8. Taid Na Realta Na Seasamh Ar An Aer
    Dinny O’Brien’s
  9. The Kerryman’s Fancy
    The Longford Woman
    The Red-Haired Girl
  10. The Pub In The Square
    The Hangover
  11. Into The Woods
    The Old Road To Garry
  12. Larkin’s 25th
    The Trip To Bantry
  13. Cooley’s
  14. The Four-leafed Shamrock
    St. Patrick’s Night
  15. The Black Lough
  16. Iniscealtra
    Tonn Teine
    Ormond Sound

Seven comments

"Paddy O’Brien’s contribution to traditional Irish music has been immense. Through his great musical ability and his creativity he developed a system of playing which exploited the potential of the two-row accordeon in traditional music. The system which he developed enabled the music to be played in all the major and minor keys and facilitated the rich embellishment which became an inherent ingredient in his playing, influenced no doubt by his knowledge and expertise as a fiddle player.
Paddy’s musical creativity also extended to composition. His very first creation in the early 1940’s ‘Dinny O’Brien’s Reel‘ (named after his father, a fine exponent of both fiddle and concertina) is as much a part of every player’s repertoire as “The Bucks of Oranmore’. His next composition ‘Cooley’s Hornpipe’ (popularised by the late Joe Cooley), is just as well known.”
“This recording features thirty-two tunes, representing a cross-section of Paddy’s compositions - Reels, Jigs (double, single and slip), Hornpipes and Polkas. Also included in the recording is a Slow Air ”Taid na realta na seasamh ar na aer“ composed by Paddy’s daughter Eileen who has obviously inherited her father’s talent for composition. The tunes are played by Eileen on fiddle and his very close friend Willie Fogarty on button accordeon. They are both accomplished musicians, having won All-Ireland honours as solo, duet and trio performers and as members of the Ormond Ceili Band under Paddy’s leadership.”

From the sleeve notes.
1993 Ormond Recordings, Nenagh. MC001

Great Cd and the playing of both Eileann O Brien and Willie Fogarty certainly do the tunes justice. I realise only now that I REALLY like these compositions. And they grow on me more as I keep listening.

“The Composition of Paddy O’Brien”

J.D.C. Publications Ltd., Ayrshire, Scotland 1992

Re: The Compositions Of Paddy O’Brien

The CD is now extremely rare.
I had a copy from Eileen Herself. It’s a good CD for learning the tunes. It is not played too fast and the “heavy” style helps for the rhythm.

Re: The Compositions of Paddy O’Brien

This album is out out stock for years. Eileen send me her own copy.
Good things about this album :
A lot of Paddy O’Brien tunes played in a “slow” pace.
3 instruments Piano/Fiddle/Box
The style is heavy ( way too much according Eileen.) and helps you to learn the tunes.