It’s About Time..

By Calum MacKinnon

  1. Madam Frederick
    Angus Grant’s Welcome To Fiddle Tunes
    Johnnie Muise’s
    The Clumsy Lover
  2. Shingly Beach
  3. Mr. Wilson’s
    Miss Isabella Robertson’s
    Mrs. Oswald’s Favourite
    Dr. James Hamilton’s
  4. Master Francis Sitwell
  5. Tha Mi An Cadal
    Mrs. Oswald’s New
    Mr. Robert Mackay Of Edinburgh
    Braigh Bhanbh
  6. Theid Mi Dhachaidh ’chro Chinn T-saile
  7. The Kerfunten
    Dan Collin’s Father’s
    Grace Morrison Of Borve
  8. The Duchess Of Bedford’s
    Duchess Of Manchester’s Farewell To The Highlands Of Scotland
    The Marchioness Of Huntly’s
    Frs Fraser’s Reel-Cullen
    Miss Elenora Robertson
  9. Sandy’s New Chanter
    The Train Journey North
  10. Nathaniel Gow’s Lament On The Death Of His Brother
    Elke Baker
    MacKinnon’s Rant
    MacKinnon’s Other Rant
    Calum Beag
  11. After
    Tracy In Flight
  12. Rory MacLeod
    The Hen’s March
    Cork Hill

One comment

Nice new CD (2003)--the first by this artist.