What Road?

By Session A9

  1. The Rizla
  2. Leire’s Welcome To Cozac
    Fiona MaCaskill Of Breakish
  3. Shady Grove
  4. Gillian’s
  5. The Aird Ranters
  6. Swallow’s
    Katy Hill
    Garry Banjo
  7. Sandy Ower Da Lea
    Donegal Highland
  8. Billy’s New Box
    Moll Roe
    Farewell To Whalley Range
  9. Alasdair’s Tune
  10. Soliloquy
    Billy Shaw The Satellite King
  11. Kaleb Watt Of The Brock
    Greek Street
  12. Skipping Barfit Through The Heather
    Fiery Jock
  13. Celtic Thunder
    Pressed For Time

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… only the best album of 2003!

Session A9: What Road?

Well, I hesitate to say this is the best album of traditional Scottish music from the last year. I’m a bit shocked to know so many Scottish players on this site love this recording. Well, there’re some nice, interesting tunes and I do actually listen to it for a change while doing something else, but it is very experimental, not so traditional.

As far as I know, Patsy Reid’s debut recording is the best of 2003. I’ll tell you she’ll be well-known in a few years.

Session A9

Ahh I love this band!
Beautiful tunes on both this album and their new one!
But I love the arrangements on this album! Got a great feel, the whole album!

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