Macalla na hÓige

By Hugh Healy And Colm Healy

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Brothers Hugh (concertina) and Colm (accordion) Healey are joined by Fergal Scahill (guitar/bodhran), Paul O‘Driscoll (double bass), Noel O’Donoghue (flute), Karol Lynch (banjo) and Michael O’Connell (pipes) for a great album. Kevin Crawford provides the sleeve notes in which he says that the CD is “… a wonderful collection of tunes from Clare and beyond … I hope you get as much mileage out of it as I have”. More information at

That should, of course, read Healy above.

I should also mention that the brother, Eric (fiddle), joins the lads on track 10.

Macalla na hOige

I got this album several days ago. Some conservative listeners would be a little embarrassed by loud, percussive guitar accompaniment of Fergal Scahill on some tracks, but it’s a great debut recording of the brothers, nonetheless. I love not only their lovely Clare style playing but their choice of the tunes: a nice mixture of standard session tunes and less common ones.

My favourite is the track 10 joined by a fiddle and a flute. It really sounds like a live session recording.

Track 5 - JP Daly’s

Does anyone know anything about the first tune on track 5, called JP Daly’s ?!?!

Track 13 second tune

The link takes you to the old Hornpipe ‘The Little Stack of Oats’ but the tune here is actually a Junior Crehan hornpipe called ‘Cruach An Choirce’, and can be found here
a lovely tune i think

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Love it

I was trying to update my Itunes for this CD, because I could not find my hard copy and landed here. I logged in to say that this is one of my favorite CDs in the last few years. I keep coming back to it. I love the rhythm and energy. Lovely schtuff boys!!

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