Traditional Irish Music From Belfast

By Alan McCartney, Paul Bradley, Jason O’Rourke, Brendan O’Hare and Ray Gallen

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Traditional Irish Music (traditional Music Session From Belfast)

Jason O’Rourke, Concertina;
Alan McCarney, Guitar;
Paul Bradley, Fiddle;
Breàndan O’Hare, flute;
Ray Gullen, bodhran.

Trad …..

Great album for learning tunes, or just listening…..thx GM

Album - Traditional Irish Music (traditional Music Session From Belfast) by Various Artists

Hiya Kids,
Would anyone out there happen to know where I might find a copy of this album: Traditional Irish Music (traditional Music Session From Belfast) by Various Artists.
Thanks a million!

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Re: Album - Traditional Irish Music (traditional Music Session From Belfast) by Various Artists

I would also recommend this one Lauri, but then you probably have it already:

Jason O’Rourke & Ruadhrai O’Kane - ‘Roguery Road’

Traditional Irish Music Sessions From Belfast

Yes, that’s the one to which I’m referring. Am having no luck finding it on the ‘Net and it sounds like it’d be a great resource. Thanks!

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"Traditional Irish Music: traditional Music Session From Belfast" 🙂

Jason O’Rourke - Concertina ~ ( & poet )
Paul Bradley - Fiddle ~ ( & poet )
Breàndan O’Hare – flute
Alan McCartney – Guitar
Ray Gullen – bodhran

Engineer – Rod McVey

Chyme Music - Outlet Recording Company Limited - Belfast
PTICD1095 - 72 minutes

Note from the back of the CD: "This recording is a fine collection of well-known and popular traditional Irish dance tunes. The idea of the album was to reproduce the informality and energy of a traditional music session - the sort of music that can be found in pubs and dances all over Ireland. Although the music was recorded in the studio, it was recorded live ( how else? 😏 ) in order to keep the spontaneity and flow that is the essence of a good session.

The musicians are all frequent performers at sessions throughout Ireland, and especially in Belfast where they live. If you have enjoyed the music and atmosphere of a pub session or ceilidh you ae sure to enjoy this selection."

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Full of classic session standards played admirably by the five involved, and there’s snatches of solo playing so you can appreciate more clearly the talents involved. There is a bit of pump & grind now and then, pushing the tempo envelope, but that’s also not unusual for a session. Here they at least manage to keep pretty much together, a blend that throughout is an appreciated listen. It’s also further proof of the many talented Irish musicians up North that Belfast and Ulster can be proud of.

Re: Traditional Irish Music From Belfast

I came across this album on Spotify and I thought, "Hey, I know Alan McCartney—great guitar player!"

Sure enough, this album (dating back to 2009) is packed with lovely playing from everyone involved. This is a fun one to play along to.