The Story So Far

By John Creaven

  1. Paddy Carty’s Favourite
    O’Sullivan’s March
  2. Swinging On The Gate
    Johnny Henry’s Favourite
  3. McGibbney’s Fancy
    From Galway To Dublin
  4. Money In Both Pockets (but Not Mine)
    Maids Of Ahoghill
  5. An Seanduine Doite
    Johnny Henry’s
  6. The Broken Lantern
  7. Gannon’s
  8. Mary MacMahon
    Lady Gordon’s
  9. Paddy Taylor’s Favourite
    The Orphan
  10. Shamrock Shore
  11. The Honeysuckle
    The Stack Of Barley
  12. The Scotsman Over The Border
    The Tenpenny Bit
  13. The Noone Lasses
    Eddie Duffy’s Favourite
  14. The Sailor On The Rock
    The Morning Of The Day
  15. The Killavil
    The Miller’s Maggot

Two comments

The Story So Far by John Creavan

Review from Dirty Linen Magazine, February/March, 2003

The Story So Far
John Creaven comes from near Galway, and now lives in Chicago. He is quite a different sort of player (to Harry Bradley - “As I carelessly did stray…” reviewed in the same issue), though one might again imagine his having been influenced by Tansey. Paddy Carty is also occasionally evoked, but really his playing could be more easily likened to the Galway style of fiddling: straight forward and quietly passionate, with ornamentation kept to a minimum and maximum attention given to instrumental tone. Creaven’s sound is full, round and beautiful and he relies on it thoroughly on this striking debut, which features mostly solo playing apart from simple but very effective bouzouki work by Dennis Cahill on five tracks. Very musical and very enjoyable.

Duck Baker

Review from Irish Times Newspaper, May 2, 2002

The Story So Far
A d

Very good album… I got it when he taught our flute class at Riley School about a month or so ago.