Further Down The Old Plank Road

By The Chieftains

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Down the Old Plank Road sequel

Yet another great mix of Irish/Scottish and Bluegrass/Country by the Chieftains and assorted artists like Nickel Creek, Bela Fleck, John Hiatt, Rosanne Cash, Allison Moorer, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, etc etc…

Further Down The Old Plank Road

And the last Chieftains’ recording to include Derek Bell.

Tune Search

Hi. I have listened to the Chieftan’s Further Down the Plank Road CD, and I can’t figure out the companion piece to Cripple Creek’s version of Three Old Gypsies. I recognize the tune, but I think it is in a different key which is making it tough for me. Does anyone know the name of that? Thanks. Lowhistle

Re: Tune Search

Er, don’t you mean Raggle Taggle Gypsy with Nickle Creek? Or am I being confuddled again?

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Re: Tune Search

They play the song together with the reel called “the congress”, but in Gm instead of the regular Am.


Re: Tune Search

In my hurry to post, I completely screwed it up. Another “senior moment”. Thanks Q, but I always knew that song as Three Old Gypsies. Thank you Larshansen.

Three Little Babes

Can anyone tell me where I can locate the lyrics to this particular song? I’m having difficulty finding these lyrics!

Thanks so much!