Down The Old Plank Road

By The Chieftains

  1. Down The Old Plank Road
  2. Country Blues
  3. Sally Goodin
  4. Dark As A Dungeon
  5. Cindy
  6. Molly Ban
  7. Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down
  8. Ladies Pantalettes
    Belles Of Blackville
    First House In Connaught
  9. Whole Heap Of Little Horses
  10. Rain And Snow
  11. I’ll Be All Smiles Tonight
  12. Tennessee Stud
  13. Katie Dear
  14. Give The Fiddler A Dram

Three comments

Chieftains? Bluegrass?

I wish the Chieftains hadn’t started doing so much bluegrass.


I think after doing the same thing for 30 years, or however long the Chieftains have been together, most people would at least dabble in some other style. Can’t say their non-trad albums get a whole lot of play in my CD player, but is interesting to see how they fuse the Irish with slightly different styles.

Yeah, it’s interseting, and I even like some of it, but I still liked them best around the time when they still had Tubridy and Potts, and then right after they got Molloy.