The Chieftains 5

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Issued in 1975 on Island Records, this is the first Chieftains album with Derek Bell (on oboe, harps, and timpan). It also features Ronnie McShane playing bones for the set of slides on the last track.

Actually, Derek Bell can be heard playing with Paddy and the boys for the first time on The Chieftains 4. But that aside, I do like the way you’ve managed to identify and list all the tune-names (as is not the case with several other Chieftains recording submissions). It makes it very convenient for us Chieftains fans that like to play along but can’t pick it all up by ear. Thanks!

Oops. Thanks for the correction about Derek Bell first appearing on The Chieftains 4. My bad.

What’s in a name?

Yes, thank you for the name of the 2nd tune in the Kerry Polka set. We have been playing it in our session for over a year now and wondering what it was called. Now we know the several names for it from the hyperlink provided here.

Re: The Chieftains 5

Still don’t have any names, but I’ve posted the 2 “Gan Ainm” slides on the final track, and created links.

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