Give Us A Penny And Let Us Be Gone

By Téada

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with Paul Finn on accordion. It can be heard on the Green Linnet ’s site.

Alternative Title

This album is also released in Ireland, but is called “La An Dreoilin”.

Fantastic Album

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Fantastic album if you like less ornamentation on the original ITM. It is at the top of my all time favorite ITM CD list already. Reminds me of my excitement when Danu was a new band. Excellent, strong lead by Oisin, but excellent over all team work. I practice bodhran to the fast paced “The League, Peter Horan’s, The Flannel Jacket” set. I practice Octave Mandolin to “Thios I Do Teach An Toraimh” and invariably love it so much I repeat it several times. I am wearing these two tracks out, but love the entire album. We are a year down the road now, and I sincerely hope they are in process of coming out with a new CD.

Track 8 ~ barndances

“John Egan’s” ~ while the source of many a fine tune, and often without a name or folks forgetting what was said, if asked, too many of those tunes with names have been called simply “John Egan’s”. I know, I have at least half a dozen polkas from him. However, this first in the set does have a name ~

“The Hills of Tara”
Submitted on May 12th 2004 by gian marco.

While best known in G, Teada play it low down in D, and very nicely, except for that damned bodhran being too present in the mix, all over the place, trampling over everything, in the way, IMO…

Re: Lá An Dreoilín

This is a duplicate posting. This album is already listed on the site under its English title, “Give Us a Penny and Let Us Be Gone.”

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