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Angelina Carberry & Martin Quinn

This is a great recording. Certainly one of the bests in my huge ITM collection. Fabulous banjo and box duets with tasty guitar or piano accompaniment of John Blake and Allan McCartney.

The banjo and box duet is not so common in the recordings, but it sometimes happens in the real sessions and is one of my favourite combinations of instruments.

Well, look at compliments to their performance from other members:

And visit their website for some samples and their biographies:

There are also some solo tracks. Of course, Angelina’s banjo playings are cool, but Martin’s solo melodeon playing on the track 11 is really awesome!

Just received this CD in the mail, along with John Carty and Brian McGrath’s THE CAT THAT ATE THE CANDLE, which is considered a classic by many. The two compare very nicely to each other.
What I really like about the Carberry/Quinn duets is their relaxed groove. They really sing the tunes. There is a real exchange between the banjo and the box, with the banjo clarifying the box and the box mellowing the banjo. These two musicians seemed to have spent a lot time together, and their performance is really tight.

Does anyone know those great hornpipes they are playing in the video clip? They aren’t on the recording, and I’ve never heard them before.


“ANGELINA CARBERRY & MARTIN QUINN - Reeltrad RTR 001” is a great traditional recording and can be bought off their own website: in the “BUY OUR CD’s” section. It’s nice to buy directly from the artists themselves, as this way you know that at least they are getting the profits for their hard work and great music. Fabulous accompaniment by John Blake on the Guitar & Piano and Alan McCartney on the Guitar. Excellent traditional CD!

Almost forgot, and I’m only doing the one, the first tune in the set played by this pair for Custys. They call it “Sean O Duibhir an Gleanna”, which is isn’t, it is “Pol Ha’penny”:

Maybe someone else will chase down the second for you…

Tune Question - ‘Burnes Reel’

Hi Session Folks,

If anyone know the answer to this question - I would really appreciate it. On the recent recording Angelina Carberry & Martin Quinn there is a tune listed as ‘Burnes Reel’ that comes after the ‘Green Groves of Erin.’

I have been unable to locate this tune anywhere. Does anyone know that tune - Is this the correct title? Or am I looking in the wrong places?

Thanks - Steve

Burnes Reel

It is a version of the Primrose Lass but not the one on the website. It’s on Dervish’s recording “Harmony Hill” so get yourself a copy of that album if you want the tune.

Andy McGann’s

Just FYI - the Andy McGann Link on track two does not correspond to the correct tune in the data base here. The currently is no ABC file here for the correct Andy McGann tune a.k.a The Widow’s Daughter


Maybe you’d like to post it, then ?

Paddy Fahey’s

Last tune on the album is really Mike Cooney’s Fancey, written by Paddy O’Brien (Tipp)

Aililiu Na Gamhna

Sorry about messing things up.
The track listing on Spotify is wrong!
The tune I just linked to is called “Finbar Dwyer’s” or “John Dwyer’s” or “Caha Mountains”.
It was already on thesession :