Northern Banjo

By Ken Pearlman

  1. The Poppy Leaf
    The Stack Of Barley
    East Newk Of Bear River
  2. Rock Valley
    Light And Airy
    The Munster Lass
  3. The Banks
    Democratic Rage
    Miss Johnson Of Pittworth
  4. Robert Cormack, Aberdeen
    Compliments Of Buddy MacMaster
  5. Kenmure’s Awa
    Wilfred’s Fiddle
  6. The Road To Mexico
  7. Niel Gow’s Lament For His Second Wife
  8. Lord Macdonald’s
    The Honeymoon
  9. Braes Of Auchtertyre
    Caber Feidh
  10. Lament For James Moray, Abercairney
    Dunie Mains
  11. Shandon Bells
    Orange And Blue
  12. Stella’s Trip To Kamloops
    The Iron Man
    Angus Campbell
    Dillon Brown
    Big John MacNeil
  13. Sweetness Of Mary
    The Mason’s Apron
  14. Georgina Campbell
    Little Jack’s
    Levantine’s Barrel

Two comments

Irish, Scottish and Canadian tunes on 5-string banjo

When you listen to this you will have remember it’s a 5-string played clawhammer style, not a picked four string tenor. The 5-string has a deeper sound, perhaps not as bright as an Irish tenor banjo. One’s not better than the other—I like both sounds—but the sound from Pearlman’s banjo is more mellow than the typical tenor to my ear. YMMV I would really like to see how he does it. The jigs are flawless. The jig rhythm is very difficult playing clawhammer. Good selection of traditional, new and unique tunes here.

Ken Perlman

He spells it "Perlman". Superb CD.