The Kinnitty Sessions

By Lúnasa

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The Pullet

As it turns out, I think this tune has been misnamed…if you listen to the track on the cd, it doesn’t match up with the sheet music posted for it on this site. I then found the tune on the cd with Andy McGann and Paul Brady - It’s a hard road to travel…so, I think “the pullet” as named and played by Lunasa is really “andy mcgann’s” or “drag her round the road”. Which makes me think…how in the world did Lunasa end up naming this tune “the pullet”?

The Pullet

On Andy McGann’s, you “drag her round the road”, on Lunasa, you don’t drag her, you pullet (pull-it).


The second tune in track 10 is not “The Kitchen Maids” but “Chloe’s Passion.” That’s a horrible mistake, considering the tune is a recent composition by a well-known musician.

Re: The Pullet

I’ve heard Drag Her Round the Road also called The Pullet. PJ Crotty and James Cullinan is one source for that, at least, and there’s another on one of the Coleman Country Archive CDs.

Sean Sa Ceo

Does anyone know what version they use for Sean Sa Ceo? I have a feeling it is the one in A Dorian, but it isn’t really sounding right. thanks!