Sean McGuire Plays

By Sean McGuire

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  1. The Black Swan (Minnie Foster’s)
    Spellan’s Inspiration
  2. Roisin Dubh
  3. Tone Rowe’s
    The Blue Idol
  4. The Humours Of Scarrif
    Andy McGanns
  5. The Snowy-Breasted Pearl
  6. Betty’s Fancy (John McNeill’s Reel)
  7. Dowd’s Favourite
    Colonel Frazer
  8. Where Did You Find Her?
    The Eclipse
  9. A Famine Lament
  10. The International
    The Pigeon On The Gate
    The Crib Of Perches
  11. The Bee’s Wing
    Montgomery’s Rant
  12. Bonnie Kate
    Jenny’s Chickens

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A hidden Gem

This great album was made in London in 1968 with Josie Keegan on piano.Not many people have a copy but some who do keep it hush-hush! I know of at least one very well known artist who has copied exact settings of tunes note for note from this album,on a large scale,not even changing the order of the tunes as Sean Played them and recorded them without even a word of credit to poor old Sean.

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Good Shooting,Conan!

But I won`t be drawn-is binn beal ina thost!

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