A Celebration Of 50 Years

By The Tulla Ceili Band

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Recorded in February, 1996 at Pepper’s Pub in Feakle, County Clare, and released through Green Linnet, this CD features P.J. Hayes, Martin Hayes, Francis Donnellan, Mark Donnellan (fiddles), J.J. Conway, Jennifer Lenihan (flutes), Sean Donnelly, Michael McKee (accordians), Jim Corry (piano), and Michael Flanigan (drums).

According to the liner notes written by Martin Hayes, "This recording is a celebration of those fifty years [he gives a fairly extensive history of the band]. It is a Thank You to all the people who have been involved as musicians, listeners, dancers, and those who have helped in many other ways. It is a celebration of people, place, and music."

In my opinion, just a lovely recording.

Jenny Picking Cockles

Pardon me, my ignorance may be showing here, but either the group’s doing a heavily varied form of this tune, or someone’s labeled it wrong. Maybe it’s known by another name?

Another Jenny ?

It’s a bit more like the first 2 parts of "Jenny’s Welcome To Charlie" . "JPC" goes onto an "f#" in the 2nd part, but "JWTC" stays on the natural. The 2 tunes are undoubtedly related.

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And there it is! You’re right, Kenny—-the correct tune to use here is "Jenny’s Welcome to Charlie."

Probably one of my favourite ITM recordings of all time. Lovely pace of the tunes, very well played, just perfect all around.