The First Month Of Summer

By Buttons And Bows

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Published in1987 by Green Linnet GLCD 1079. It has: Seamus McGuire, fiddle-viola; Manus Mcguire, fiddle; Jackie Daly, accordions,concertina,whistle; with Garry O’Brian, mandocello,guitar, piano; and Charlie Lennon, (the great fiddle player from Spiddal) on piano. Track 3 third tune is a "reel" called: "Cathal McConnell" which I can’t find anywhere. I can only find a jig. I enjoy listening to this album on a regular basis.

The First Month of Summer

This is one of my all-time favorite recordings. Highly recommended!

“Cathal McConnell’s” reel

Whistle Bare, I posted this tune last April. The name I had for it was "The Old Pigeon On The Gate", and it’s in the tune database as such. Somewhere along the line, it’s become associated with the estimable Mr. McConnell. A mighty tune on the whistle.

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Cathal’s Reel

Thanks Kenny!
I suspected as much, now I can learn it with a bit more vigor. The dots help me because I try tunes on the harp first to help me memorize every phrase accurately. Then I can play it the way I hear it much easier. All the best.