Mosaic: Celtic Harp

By Therese Honey

Added by sara g .
  1. Gan Ainm (Scottish Jig)
  2. Carolan’s Draught
  3. Lady Iveagh
  4. The Slipper
  5. Sour Plumbs In Galashiels
  6. The Trip To Sligo
    The Cliffs Of Moher
  7. Bessie Bell
  8. The Harlequin
  9. Granu Weal
  10. I Love My Love For She Loves Me
  11. Mrs. Crofton
  12. Pont Menai
  13. Colonel John Irwin
  14. The Gander In The Pratie Hole
    Merrily Kiss The Quaker
  15. Santa Maria
  16. Blind Mary

One comment

Therese Honey - Mosaic

Except for one Spanish tune, this is a nice selection of Irish, Scottish and Welsh material. Therese Honey is a wonderful harper, and she devotes her time and energy preferentially to folk music and what she refers to as "music of great heritage" —- ie Renaissance and Baroque music such as the Cantigas of Alphonso El Sabio. Her tunebooks are excellent. She’s also great fun to see live, and interacts very warmly with her audience.
Now if she would just give the real title of the tune she calls "Scottish Jig"…