Music Of A Champion

By Brendan McGlinchey

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Fond Memories of great playing

This classic album of fiddle music was made in 1974 when the Armagh man was at his peak.There were far less Irish Musicians recording then and this album was influential .For about 5 Years after its release these tunes were`staple diet` in the fiddle competitions.I remember one year just about everybody in the All-Ireland final played Brendan`s hornpipe and sadly one or two people recorded it under a different name denying Brendan the credit he deserved.Perhaps the only fault here was a slightly heavy touch on the piano from Mary Mulholland.Still, Brilliant playing!-up there with McGuire,McGann and Connolly in his prime.

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A full House album-How many now on the Session?

Brendan McGlinchey-Music of a Champion is now a full house with the recent addition of `the Acrobat`which he called `the gate to the West`.I have adjusted two other names-`the Queen of the West` is the one he called `the `Tosspot`and `the old Lark in the Morning`or `trip to Sligo`which he called the `traditional`.

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Comment on piano playing

Mary Mulholland’s playing on the recording is exquisite. Herself and Brendan had no rehearsal and the recording was made, as was usual at the time, in one take, as far as I recall. Her harmonisation of the tunes was very accurate and enhanced the performance most fantastically. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a hanam uasal.

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Re: Music Of A Champion

Someone has put the whole of this album up on "Youtube" :

Brendan McGlinchey was an absolute Irish fiddle genius - never bettered. RIP.

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