Traditional Irish Music From Boston

By The Magic Square

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Released in 2003, The Magic Square is Dave Cory (banjo, bodhran, bozouki, guitar), Dan Isaacson (flute, whistle, bozouki), Breige Quinn (fiddle), and Ted Davis (guitar). They are joined by Tina Lech, George Keith (fiddle), and Peter Molloy (flute). Essentially, they are a group of friends from all around the US and Ireland who wanted to make a recording of the phenomenal music that was being played in Boston from 2000-2002.

And that is exactly what they did. I came across this lovely recording via Dan, the absolutely incredible flutist/whistler/ bozouki-ist who makes his home in the Baltimore area. It took me a while to find him at a session when he actually had CDs on him, and last night when he finally had them, I was quite happy, and my joy only increased when I finally got to listen to the recording. Really just good stuff. Full of energy, and solid playing from all the musicians. To buy the CD, go to Good stuff.

Oh, and also worth noting is that this CD was produced and released by the artists themselves. No label that gets a portion of the CD sales. All money goes straight to the musicians who spent their own time and resources making this lovely CD.

You can download two tracks off their site. Really fun to listen to!


Website downloads

Those MP3s on the website sound great, especially the aptly named “The Best Donegal Reel Ever”.

I was just thinking this morning, as I was listening to this album, that I should add it if no one had…

Great ablum - mighty stuff.

Good man, Dan. Keep up the good work. Some of these tunes are certainly making their way into the Asheville sessions. We all love the recording.

Track 10

Just a head’s up. John Brennan’s, the third tune on track 10 is not the John Brennan’s (aka Silver Spire) listed on this site, or on a few other sites for that matter. It is fairly common at sessions though.

The Magic Sq.

I came across this tasteful recording while I visited a friend of mine the other day. John Brennan’s on track 10 is already here: