Open The Door For 3

By Nuada

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This is the first recording from a group that I’m sure is going to go far. Banjo, fiddle and box intermingle with a fantastic tightness, matched by the variety of backers and guest musicians. There is a lovely variety of tune types on the album as well as ample oppurtunity for each instrument to be heard. Added to the tunes are two well arranged songs that come out of the far reaches of the tradition. Swift and energetic reels are matched by the cinematic air, The Poor Distressed Soldier. Now available through Ossian, I would recommend it to any listener to Irish traditional music, both traditionalist and modernist alike.


Nuada have been nominated in the category of Best Newcomers for the Irish Music Mag awards 2005!!!

Band name confusion

Has anyone else noticed that the band described here is not the Nuada that recorded this CD? The album’s from a trad Irish band which seems (from a quick web search) to have come and gone sometime between about 2004 and 2010. Nuada the eclectic, pan-european, early music & folk duo/trio started out in the early 1990’s and is still going.

Band name confusion

Indeed Tania. This album was recorded by Jeremy Spencer (fiddle), Padraig King (box) and Daithí Kearney (banjo, mandolin) with special guests and released in 2004. The band was formed in 2002 in Cork, playing regularly in the exciting session scene. They performed at a number of festivals in Ireland throughout 2003 and subsequent years before going their separate ways. Jeremy has recently released a second album with Seán Leahy ‘Entanglement’, a follow up to their debut ‘The Side Over’, and is a member of Ensemble Ériu. Pádraig won the senior All-Ireland button accordion in 2009 and has appeared on a number of tours with CCÉ. Daithí completed his PhD on Irish traditional music and was appointed Programme Director of the BA (Hons) Applied Music at Dundalk Institute of Technology and Chair of ICTM Ireland. He released an album in 2012 entitled ‘Midleton Rare’ with accordion player John Cronin.

There have been a number of bands named Nuada over the past twenty years and albums named Open the Door for Three (including two in 2012 alone!).