The Open Door

By Sean Nua

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Sean Nua

Joe McKenna on pipes, acc, whistles, vox; Gerry O’Donnell on flute, whistle, clarinet, vox; Antoinette McKenna on vox, harp; Joe McHugh on bzk, pipes, keyboard, vox; Jo Partridge on guitar, vox; Mario N’Gomo on percussian. Nice fresh sound, great pipes-harp combinations, and -YES- beautifully played polka’s on clarinet!!

Found this CD in the pop-racks of a music store, no idea how it got there …

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Tunes IDs

"The Eaves Dropper" is misidentified. The jig is better known as "Jackson’s Jig" . The original name of the reel "Brereton’s" has finally emerged as "Carmel O’Mahoney Mulhaire". and "Sean Seery’s" is in fact "The Braes of Busby".

Re: The Open Door

I find it strange nobody has yet transcribed The Curious Cat, a favourite of old from Mr.McKenna himself…

Re: The Open Door

Number 5 wouldn’t be Ò rò Song of the sea, a marvellous song ?

Re: The Open Door

As Pierre points out above, there is a track missing from this listing. Track#5 should be the song "O Ro The Song Of The Sea", sung very well by Antoinette McKenna.
The final track has 3 polkas. I assume the first is "John Welsh’s", the last is certainly known as "Bill Sullivan’s", and I suppose the middle one could be a second one named after either of these 2 musicians, or a different tune altogether. It is "Gan Ainm", until identified otherwise.

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