Snug In The Blanket

By Paddy O’Brien, Jamie Gans, Daithi Sproule

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Snug in the Blanket: Paddy O’Brien, Jamie Gans, Daithi Sproule

2004 release from Black Tea Tunes, recorded in Minneapolis, MN, and mastered by Grey Larsen in Bloomington, IN.
This is the newest from Paddy O‘Brien--’nuff said.

Paddy O’Brien, Jamie Gans, Daithi Sproul

I hope it’s ok to mention (read: promote) this here… It came up in another discussion, so I thought I ought to mention it more generally.
I have no financial interest in this CD. I did get to watch it come into being, and I have the highest regard for all involved.

And… it’s great music!!!! <GGG>

There is a lovely CD made by three fine players. It’s called “Snug In The Blanket” and it has fourteen tunes. Produced with the help of Grey Larsen, it’s available at and



Re: Snug In The Blanket

The tune title “Mike Hoban’s” above links to the reel “The Well-Bred Foal.” The track on this CD is a hop jig listed on the site under the title “Mike Hobin’s,” with an i, also called “Hopperdy-Skipperdy.”