Walking Stones

By Ken Kolodner, Laura Risk, Robin Bullock

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This is one of my favorite CDs. It features Ken Kolodner on hammered dulcimer, Laura Risk on fiddle, and Robin Bullock on guitar. The tunes include traditional Irish plus some Scottish, Canadian, and a few original tunes. I’ve listed the tunes as they are on the back of the CD, except that I’ve merged tracks 30 and 31 (because 30 was the maximum). Although the tunes are played in sets on the CD, they are coded as separate tracks. This is handy if you want to learn one particular tune and it happens to be in the middle of a longer set.
I don’t have it, but there is a companion book with notation for the basic melodies and suggested chords (not the full arrangements heard on the CD). It’s marketed as a hammered dulcimer book, but I assume it would be fine for other melody instruments such as fiddle and flute. The book is published by Mel Bay. It is described at

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