By John Canny, Kevin Carey And Terence O’Reilly

  1. The Dairymaid
    Father Kelly’s
  2. The Limerick
    Back By Bohatch
  3. The Kingfisher
  4. The Piper’s Inn
  5. The Castle Dromore
  6. Out On The Road
    Sandy Carty’s
  7. Valse Clog
  8. Padraic MacDonnchadha’s
    The West Clare
    The Humours Of Cloghane
  9. The Last Swallow
  10. Flo’s
  11. The Ewe
    The Watchmaker
  12. Robin
  13. Coleman’s
    The Collier’s
  14. Sean Frank’s
    The Rainy Day
  15. The Templehouse
    Kitty’s Gone A-Milking
    Phelim’s Frolics

Two comments

Suantrai (lullaby)

If you like Smokey Chimney, you’ll like this too. Lovely relaxed playing of great tunes. Nice songs as well. Very well recorded — rich lushious sound.

I love this CD too!

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