Merry Bits Of Timber

By Emer Mayock

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I like this one

From Emer Mayock, Flute player.

Just found this one a few weeks ago at a gift shop at the Catskills Irish Arts week. Don’t know if she is the most well known of Irish flutists, so here’s a little more info to acquaint yourself with her style. Not pure drop, but not as modern/jazzy as a Niall Keegan or Garry Shannon. She’s got a nice little groove to her playing, and it just makes you feel really good.

This album also features Donal Siggins (mandola, banjo), Kevin O’Connor (fiddle), Eamon O’Leary (guitar), Robert Harris (bodhran, dejimbe), and Mick Kinsella (harmonica), so it pushes the envelope a little bit with the instrumentation and arrangements, but still keeps it plenty traditional enough.

Of my recent CD binge, I consider this one of my better finds. Just really nice stuff.

Track 5, first tune

Just in case anyone’s wondering why notes on Merry Bits Of Timber needed to edited now, the first tune in track 5 was listed as just ‘C’. Presumably just a typo, but one which meant that it was linking through to an unrelated polka of that name at
The title of the tune should be down as ‘Cúl na Gréine’, and Emer Mayock’s liner notes say it was composed by her: “Cúl na Gréine is the name of a pub in Coolaney, Co. Sligo, I named this tune in its honour.”

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Re: Merry Bits Of Timber

As above, track 3 was listed as one tune “Great Denmark Street”, but according to the liner notes it’s two waltzes, both self-composed: Waltz One, and Orlagh’s

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Track 3

Liner notes ref “Great Denmark Street”, all she says: “I wrote this tune while while living on Denmark Street on Dublin’s Northside”.

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