Leaving St. Kilda

By The Tannahill Weavers

  1. Good Drying
    MacFarlane’s Rant
    The Whistlebinkies
    The Christmas Carousal
    Miss Monaghan
  2. Hieland Harry
    The Wee Highland Laddie
    Lieutenant Colonel D.J.S. Murray
  3. The Rigs O’ Rye
  4. The Athol Gathering
    Donald MacLeod
  5. Leaving St. Kilda
    Major W. Knox, M.C.
    The Highland Brigade At Magersfontein
  6. The Shearin’s No For You
  7. The Three Healths
  8. Angus G. MacLeod
    Crann Tara
    Fiona MacLeod
  9. The Wars O’ Germany
  10. Donald MacLeod
    Islay Charms
    Alina MacAskill
    Donnie MacGregor
  11. Last May A Braw Wooer
  12. Farewell You Silver Darlin’s

Three comments

I renamed the fourth tune on track 1 from Mulhaire’s Reel to The Fair Wind. That way it links to the right tune.

Re: Leaving St. Kilda

…Of course, thanks to an update from Jeremy, we can have our cake and eat it too. I put it back. (Thanks Jeremy!)

Re: Leaving St. Kilda

The Leaving St Kilda set on this album is great, especially the first two tunes, neither of which are on here. From looking online, the first tune, Leaving St Kilda, was composed by PM Willie Ross. I couldn’t find any information about the second tune, Major W Knox, M.C. Does anyone know who composed it? Sounds like it could be a retreat march?